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3/19/2021 11:39:54 AM


  Sports betting is a hugely popular activity in Zambia, with thousands of sports fans placing wagers over the phone, or at land-based betting shops in major cities across the country. It is only recently that the online betting market has come into sharp focus; as before now, the country’s infrastructure was not suited to online activities.

  As the Internet and mobile technologies have improved, more and more Zambian bettors are turning to online betting sites, rather than placing bets by phone or in a betting shop. While the industry is still in its infancy, the growth of online betting is hard to ignore. There are already a number of locally licensed sites available, as well as extensive list of foreign operators accepting Zambian customers, and Africa Betting Guide is here to help you find those that are trusted and reliable.


  It sometimes feel like jungle to find the best betting sites, but our experts at African Betting Guide has compiled a list of the bets betting sites in Zambia for you to choose from. All the sites we recommend have been reviewed properly and passed all our tests. Below you will find the top betting sites in Zambia that we highly recommend.

  Betway Zambia

  Internationally well-known betting site Betway has during the last couple of years established themselves as a popular choice around Africa. Betway Zambia has gained a lot of ground and more and more people in Zambia are choosing Betway Zambia for their reliable and user-friendly website.

  PremierBet Zambia

  One of the most popular betting sites in the country is PremierBet Zambia. PremierBet offers a great betting platform for its customers and its very light on the phone and easy to use. PremierBet Zambia is one of African Betting Guides favorite betting sites in Zambia.

  1XBET Zambia

  Zambians are enjoying the fact that more and more international betting sites are focusing on Zambia. 1XBET Zambia is on of the more popular sites who recently started to offer their services to Zambians and provide them with a great betting experience.

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